Hello there! We're a handful of gatekeepers from the Nephele who wanted a place to put all of their thoughts on plurality/systemhood! We're both traumagenic and endogenic to some extent, so this website will feature topics on both, but if you have a desire to not see something on either topic, we've separated the site down the middle! All traumagenic information is separated from endogenic. The only place you'll find stuff of both together will be on our personal pages!

We have ADHD and we're autistic, so we will be making this very, very rambly in nature. Think of this as an infodump website. Maybe even a shrine? But that would be glorifying it so maybe don't ;P

Anyway... Please enjoy your stay and feel free to drop us a line on our guestbook if you have something you want to say!!! We love, love, LOVE feedback! Have a good timezone! :D

we used eggramen's template as well as a few resources from here!